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About Nicollette

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

As a former nurse, I dedicated my life to healthy living and patient recovery. Then, after my own debilitating stroke at 35, my physical rehabilitation journey lead me to my current passion of body transformation. My goal is to help you lose weight and get off medications though clean eating, physical exercise, and friendship. My husband Ryan is my biggest fan and together we share two amazing doggies. We've been married over 10 years and enjoy living a fit and healthy live-style together.


  • RN (Nursing Degree) at University of Biháć

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition ASU

  • Nursing Graduate of Phoenix University



  • Personal Training Certified

  • KETAcademy Kettlebell Instructor

  • Onnit Academy Certified Kettle Bell

  • Box N Burn Certified


  • 25 Bikini Competitions

  • Placed top five in ten Bikini Competitions

  • Kettlebell Veteran in Competition Placing 1st

  • Veteran Obstacle Course racer

  • 60 Bikini and Figure Shows

  • Top 5 in over 20 Shows

  • Bikini and Figure pro

  • Posing Coach

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My Vision

Daily habits are so important. You have to put in the work. Every.Single.Day. And that's what I help my clients do.


I love helping people change their daily habits and reach their health and wellness goals. Everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin; it goes far beyond fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. To be healthy is to be happy. And that is what I strive to help my clients achieve. Happiness.

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